Introducing NOHMI’s Fire Alarm Panel

When it comes to a genuine alarm raised through the main control board, it becomes very important as to how the situation is understood and taken care of by the panel administrator to help control the situation and save loss of life and property. In recent years, fire alarm systems have become sophisticated and functionally more capable.

What is NOHMI Integlex FAP N-3060?

The Integlex Multicrest UL 864 9th Edition Listed – N3060 state-of-art Fire alarm control panels (FACPs), comprises the main control unit that functions as the controlling component of the fire alarm system. The FACP receives information from detectors/sensors designed to detect any variation in factors associated with fire such as smoke, heat, and flame. It also monitors their operational stability; allows automatic control of equipment and transmission of alarm notification necessary to prepare the facility for the safe evacuation of occupants. It requires the application of a fire suppression system based on predetermined programming done in the FACP. Moreover, the FACP supplies electrical energy to operate all the associated detectors/sensors, manual call points, input and output modules.

Advantages of NOHMI Bosai N3060

Nohmi Bosai N3060 fire alarm control panels are unique, as it offers a revolutionary 10.4” colour touch screen LCD having the capability to provide more information to the first responders and facility managers. Besides, it can do more than just informing that there has been an alarm in the building; operators can be directed by FACP about the kind of alarm and the location of the alarm through in-built voice message functionality.
On the occurrence of any type of fire event (alarm, trouble, device activation, supervisory, or fire suppression agent discharge) the panel sounds the pre-recorded voice message for the type of event to attract the attention of the operator. In addition to pre-recorded voice messages, the FACP offers an action guidance message display feature to “Guide” the operator to take appropriate action during the occurrence of a designated fire event. It shows the details of the categorised event like the number of total events, outbreak time, event type, event location. The device messages are displayed on the single window LCD coloured display which enables the operator to immediately get complete information. One-touch zone activation functionality activates all the outputs formed in a zone by touching the corresponding button on the LCD. This function is useful for testing, authorizing and maintenance periods. Thirty-six sets of one-touch activation buttons can be formed per system.

The N3060 fire alarm control panel has the unique address map feature which allows the operators/facility managers to collectively monitor the status of at least 128 devices. These devices are connected to one fully loaded loop on a single screen of the touch screen display. When there is a change in the status of the device, the colour of the address icon changes to represent the status with a predefined colour code. Detailed information of a particular device can be viewed by selecting the device address on the address map display. The sensor monitor graphically displays the sensed smoke/ heat analogue value of the selected analogue detector for the past 3 minutes or the past one week. This function facilitates the monitoring of the analogue value of a particular detector. All these features come in handy and provide ease of access during a fire emergency. Moreover, the panel comes with an in-built two-way talkback telephone system. It enables the operator in the control room and fire-fighter on any floor of the building to communicate by inserting the telephone handset in the telephone jack provided on the Nohmi manual call box. Hence, the two-way talkback system becomes an essential part of a fire alarm system when a fire emergency occurs in a building with multiple floors.

Choose NOHMI and get the optimal solution!

The features like the 10.4” intuitive LCD display, Address Map, Voice Message, Sensor Monitor present in Nohmi Bosai N3060 FACP will benefit the occupants during a fire emergency and will enable the operator to plan evacuation and fire suppression systems in a very efficient manner.

For complete technical data of the N3060 Panel kindly refer to the technical datasheet or Nohmi Bosai product brochure.