As a building/factory owner, facility or property manager, referring the following fire inspection checklist will help verify the fire safety & security of the property and occupants inside the building. Primarily, it will enhance your awareness of fire safety and its effectiveness, and will serve as immediate means to protect lives and property.

However, in this checklist, you will find that some of the items may be handled internally, while others require a certified fire alarm or fire safety professional or related consulting company. The below-mentioned checklist can be followed to ensure that you are doing what is necessary to mitigate the risk from the fire emergencies.

  1. Is your fire alarm system being maintained as per IS 2189 Indian Standard or NFPA 72 Standard Codes?
  2. Are you maintaining your fire protection system (like Fire Pumps, Hydrant System, Sprinkler System etc.) according to latest IS 13039, IS 15301, 15105 Indian Standard or NFPA 25, and following your insurance company’s requirements?
  3. Are your stored items being housed in accordance with the relevant Indian Standard?
  4. Are your fire extinguishers being inspected consistently under IS 2190 Indian Standard or NFPA 10?
  5. Are you safely storing flammable materials away from combustibles?
  6. Are you or you personnel(s) trained on the evacuation program in the event of a fire emergency?
  7. Is your Fire Safety Plan kept in an approved Fire Safety Plan Box?
  8. Are all your fire extinguishers suitable for different types of fires in accordance with IS 2190 or NFPA 10, 
  9. Are the extinguishers are mounted appropriately, and are accessible & conspicuously visible?
  10. Are all occupants/employees and personnel trained on the proper use of your portable fire extinguishers?
  11. Is that the area around your property’s fire hydrant free from obstacles, debris, and vegetation, and has it been inspected within the last 12-months?
  12. Can you quickly and efficiently provide the last two years of fire inspection records?
  13. In the event of a fire in your garbage bin, is it located at a safe distance from any combustible building structures?

If you answered “no” or are unsure about the answer to any of these questions, we encourage you to consult with a qualified fire safety professional. They will enable you to bring your processes up to fire safety standards to meet the code (Indian Standard or NFPA Standard) compliance, and to minimize the risk of potential harm to occupants and property.

If you have any concerns about fire safety or you’re looking for a fire alarm and security system company to help facilitate the fire safety inspection on your building, reach out to the experts at Nohmi Bosai (India) serving businesses across India. Our inspections and maintenance contracts are based on the requirements of applicable Indian Standards or NFPA Standards, and National Building Code. We use exhaustive checklists to ensure a thorough review of the fire safety systems and a track record of excellence.

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